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Part time job: Hello brother, welcome owner, a post will help you to get this post you want to do a job, cow, we are talking about today you have a job which is in Delhi, friends, who can earn you a lot of money and with them you will get all Anything will be given and you will also be given everything for free and you can earn a lot of money, you can earn well, there is great news for you and your family, which you can earn a lot of money too, all the details of this It is given inside the post, which you can read comfortably and you will also be given a form as ifyou apply to us, then you can get a job as soon as possible, friends, if you do it as soon as you can, the sooner you will get this job. And if you like it, then what is your name in the comment box, definitely write all the details of your resume and further we will talk about the details and where is it, you know what all the details you will get, you will be given here through this post. will go

What work will a sweet shop have to do

 Perhaps you have a very big sweet shop, the job is in Mumbai, which is very big for you, which has brought you a lot of work, which you have to work there and they need little, so then you go to the sweet shop. If you want to stay, then you have to play this form and play the phone quickly and what should you know to make sweets like you should make me so that there is no problem and you can do all their work. if you want to do it you can

one’s shop address

 This shop is in Mumbai city, friends, if you are in Mumbai or near Rajasthan, then if you are from Rajasthan, then you are going to get a job, even if you are from outside, you will get a job so that you will be able to go there. The time and the fare that will be charged will be given by the shopkeeper, it is a sweet shop, it is okay for you, friends, you are not going to get free service with them, you sit on the bus with your life from there till then. You will go free and it will be free, you had seen the bus fare by the shop itself, friends will make you the same ticket along with them, after contacting you, I will be OK to call you on mobile, after that I will give you a ticket and tell you the rate. you will have to come at that time

sweet shop helper

 At the shop, you need a calper, as if you should not go for work, as if you have to bring the same, Kiran came to bring you respect at Janeshwar and along with him you should be able to make kachori, fry mawa etc. You should also be express. At least you should have express for two to three years so that where you get the job, you do not have any kind of problem, so you also need to be express.

 If you have 2 years experience then you will get the job easily, you should know how to make sweets so that if you go to work there then you will be given work as if you have to convince me if you want to make some snacks, now you should know how to do all the work If you get this job then you will get more money and you will get the job as soon as possible because they need to get the job done, if you want to learn the work, then you will get the job now, you will be given a little less money, well then you will be with them. Still work has to be done, first train will also have to be given, it is a very big shop, there is at least 30 floor shop, people who work there.

sweet shop salary

 You are going to get a good salary, which you are going to get from 30000 to 40000 per month, which is a very good income and if you do a lot of work with them then you are going to get more money and with them In this, you will also be given other preparations of Holi in Deepawali to celebrate you and are going to be available in small and bonus will also be given along with them, in bonus you will be given ₹ 3000 per month ie so that you can make less than 50 and clothe them too. will be given and sleep and you will have to do a lot of work so if you want more money then you have to do all the work of the shop

security guard at sweet shop

 If you want to work as a security guard, then you will have to do some ticket work from 6:00 am to 7:00 pm, you will have to stand there at the gate, along with them, you have to help them open the gate. In closing the gate and with them, you will also be given a free room, along with them you should also be removed but you will be given clothes and shoes every month, you are not going to get bonus bonus and with them If you get very good income, then you will have to do it like 7:00 am, you have to work only from 6:00 to 7:00 pm. 

Sweet Shop Bio Data

 Mumbai is in the city, so it has a very big shop, their name is the name of the shop, Mr. Ganesh Civet, the name of the owner of Mumbai is Sunil Dutt Sharma and his brother Dinesh Sharma, both work together, their house is also nearby. and they have three shops, very big and all three shops need helpers which you can do and you are going to get more money too.

 Helper needed at sweet shop

  1.  making sweets
  2.  hotel cleaner in shop
  3.  need security guard
  4.  painting worker needed
  5.  luggage carrier is needed
  6.  Sweets supplier needed
  7.  Free facility available at sweet shop

 If you come to the sweet shop, you will be stopped, you will also be given a mobile with them, you will also be given free net with them, I will drink you food with them, stay there and you can put a cooler freeze, you can drink cold water and whenever you have time I can also eat children’s items like you can eat kachori, you can eat chilli vada, whatever your expenses will come, you will be given from that shop.

 You are going to get to sleep at four and four as well, with them you will not have any problem and if you do not want to stay there then you will be given a separate room and you are going to get money from the article, you take it out to the room. You can stay with them, you can stay there with your home and family too, then you are going to get money separately, so if you want to bring the room out, you can get it if there is no shop there. neither of mine nor you will find it there too

 Thanks friends, if you liked this post, if you want to do this job, then apply this form and you will get the job as soon as possible and thank you for contacting us. Within 7 days, you will get the answer easily and to contact you, apply one of our given form and by which you can get WhatsApp call, WhatsApp message and also your call, so you can turn on the phone or It should be kept so that you do not have any problem in attending the call, so you can pick up any call quickly and you will get the job.


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